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This is a guide to setting up Bluetooth to use as a wireless serial data link between a seismometer and your computer. The devices used for this guide are the Sena Parani-SD1000 Bluetooth serial adapter and the Parani- UD100 Bluetooth USB adapter. With the supplied “stubby” antennas a range of 30 to 100 metres can be achieved, with higher gain antennas up to 1 km.

SD1000 layout

Step by step guide

  1. Set dip switches on SD1000
  2. Install UD100 Bluetooth dongle
  3. Pair the two devices
  4. Make a note of the COM Port for use with WinSdr
  5. Set WinSdr com port


BT setup

Set dip switches for baud rate 38.4k and No Flow control

Flow Control

Plug UD100 into computer, Windows will detect the new hardware and install the necessary driver software.

Now open “Devices and Printers”, highlight the Bluetooth device and ‘Right click’ to open the settings dialog. Tick the “Discovery” box, “Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer”. see panel opposite.

Now apply power to the SD1000 device then press the “Factory Reset” button then press the “Pairing Button” the Green “Mode” LED will now start flashing 3 times every second. (see image above right)

Show hidden icons1

Now “LEFT click” the “Hidden Icons” in the task bar near the clock

Bluetooth select

In the pop up window “Right Click” the Bluetooth Icon

Select “Add a device” the SD1000 should now show in the window, select the SD1000 and press “Next”

Select “Enter the device’s pairing code”

select pairing option
Add  device

enter 1234 for the code

Add a device
Add a device success

    Now open Devices and Printers and “Right click”select the SD1000 device, select ”Properties” > “Hardware”

    Windows will allocate a COM port number, this is the COM port to be used in WinSdr

    COM5 is the COM port to select for use in WinSdr

COM port

Open “WinSdr” Select the Comm Port from the drop down list


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