Web site missing Data Error

Data not appearing on the RSN website, * refer to screen shots below

    • then the first thing to check is whether WINSDR and Paul’s ACG programs are both running
    • How to determine if your data is getting to the Regional Seismic Node
       1.  go to www.regional-seismic.net and log in with your username and password
       2.   - select your network ( Eastern or Western Australia)
       3.  wait for page to load, and then scoll down to your station
       4.  if the line is blank, you can drag the screen back to find when the last data that arrived was
       - double click on the lline to zoom in by time if you want a more precise time
    • What to do if your data is not arriving at the Regional Seismic Node
      1.- If you can see “wiggles” being written to your screen, then the problem is probably with RSN_Client_A.  This program uses a config file which contain the proxy server name for your system, and a user name/ password  - check that these have not changed
    • 2.- Straight line being drawn  in WinSDR, no background noise.
      If the lines are being " written"  & not just stationary, then that means the digitizer is working and the signal has been lost from the seismometer.
      3.- Check the cables and any plugs / joiners ( RCA plugs etc,) - that may have come adrift, under their own weight  - or the RCA plug connection at the board might need pulling out and putting back again, ( a high resistance join has developed between the plug and socket, gold plated RCA plugs are better )  
      4.- Is the red LED blinking?  - it is possible that the power pack has failed.
      5.- another program may have tried to access the same comm.port being used by WinSDR resulting in a “lock up”-reboot the computer.                                                                                        
    • 6.-.Confirm new data is being written to disk  - i.e. go to c:\winsdr\data  and check that the latest seisdata.xxx file has a time stamp that is within a minute or two of the current time
      7.-.If data is being written, then the problem may be in a corrupted file. Check the latest message from rsn-client_a or similar DOS window, does it say " waiting for a minute " or similar, see fig 1. If if has found a corrupted file, the program will terminate, and the box will disappear.
           Open a DOS box, click [ Start ] > [ Run ]
           Type in cmd then press enter
           Type cd C:\
           Type cd c:\winsdr   see fig 2.
           Then type in rsn_client_A  
      now, if that program terminates, the dos box will   stay open, and you will be able to see it's final message showing errors.see fig.3
      8.-.Note, changing the number of channels being recorded by WinSDR may introduce a corruption in rsn_client_A.
      rsn_client should be able to support any number of channels, but if changes are made to WinSDR it has to delete all its old data files to change # of channels.
      Also there is a chance it crashed for some other reason, let Paul Harris know if it did

Changing the Number of Channels being recorded by WinSDR
If you need to change the number of channels, to avoid loosing all your data, make a copy of your existing WinSDR installation and rename the copy to WinSDR-old  (or some other name ). Open the old WinSDR, ignoring any comm..port errors then goto [ Settings > System ] and change the Comm.Port to [ none-replay only ], and then to
[ Settings > System > Directories ] and change the path
Of the [ Record Files ] to point to this copy. Now you can replay all your old files.

 Data not being saved, WinSDR showing single green lines with data

WinSDR data drop out

    Remedy:Check available free space on hard drive, you may have run out of available space on the hard drive

    There is a Low Disk Space memory allocation in WinSDR > System settings

    for System Errors.


fig.1client start up




rsn_client successful

fig.2 Dos window



Open DOS window

fig.3 client error


RSN client error

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