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ES&S Australian Earthquake News


We are using two types of seismometers, Willmore mark II, and Mark Products geophones, model L15B


We are using an A2D converter, ( analog to digital ) and seismic amplifiers manufactured and sold by Larry Cochrane, of Webtronics ( Redwood City, CA, USA.          http://www.seismicnet.com/#Equipm

 Seismic Amplifier and Filter board

One to Four Independent Amplifier / Filter Channels. For more information on this board and the Digitiser board see the [ Electronics & Technical ] page.


Normally, the seismographs are timed using Garmin 18 GPS units. These keep the computers on time to less than 1/100 of a second.  This kind of accuracy is needed if we are going to use the data we receive to help locate the earthquakes


The program WINSDR is supplied by Larry with his hardware. This program collects the data from the A2D board & writes it to hard disk on the computer.

WINQUAKE is another program from Larry which allows you view and analyse PSN files recorded with WINSDR. you need to purchase a licence to use all its features

We then use a program, RSN_client, written by Paul Harris of the ACG, which compresses the data, and send it to the ACG website every hour. This program has evolved through various names, and the latest version is called RSN_client_C.

See the [ How To ] pages
If your data is not appearing on the RSN website, then the first thing to check is whether WINSDR and Paul’s ACG programs are both running.

If you can see “wiggles” being written to your screen, then the problem is probably with RSN_Client.  This program uses a config file which contain the proxy server name for your system, and a user name/ password  - check that these have not changed.

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