RSU Profiles

Vic Dent

Retired geophysicist from Geoscience Australia.

Was at Rabaul Volcano Observatory  1972- 1978, and Mundaring Geophysical Observatory, WA for 13 years before it was closed.

Now Honorary Research Associate at the University of Western Australia. Lives in Subiaco, WA (some of the time at least). PAPER15

Vic, when not writing articles travels the country installing seismometers in suitable schools and homes. Vic is the driving force behind the RSU group

Vic Dent 2

Paul Harris
Project Leader - Regional Seismic Network, Software Engineer

Paul was originally contracted in 2001 to develop the software component of the Mine Seismicity and Rockburst Risk Management Project.  Before joining the ACG, he developed custom software for clients in the mining industry.

Paul is now continuing to develop the MS-RAP software, and is the project manager and developer for the Regional Seismic Network project.  His focus is on software development and its application to mining and seismicity.


Paul Harris

Dale Hardy                                                                                         

 Retired industrial chemist.

and Electronics design and Repair company

Very interested in radio and electronics.  Operated the Marks Point site MKPT (now closed). Relocated to Redhead NSW October 2010 and registered a new seismic station REDH. Dale has a wide interest in all things scientific, and has a large website with all kinds of weather and seismic information. (www.daleh.id.au).

He is also the webmaster of this site and RSU site                                            PAPER15


Marion Leiba                                                                                              

Retired geophysisict from Geoscience Australia.                                        

  Lives in Kambah ACT, and operates the KambahACT thread.

Marion became one of the better-known faces at GA for her frequent media interviews after significant earthquakes.

Now maintains Australian landslide Data Base          PAPER15


Sue Kominek                                                                                     

Headmistress, Gundaroo Primary.                                                           

  maintains Gundaroo site    


Gundaroo school

Ian Laurie                                                                                            

Wheat farmer, Gnowangerup, south western WA.

Operates Gnowangerup site. Ian has quite a technical bent, and has introduced wireless telemetry from a remote secondary station, 5 km from his home seismograph.

  Ian became interested in seismology after his house was nearly knocked down by one in late 2007. Actually it was a whole series of smaller earthquakes ( about a thousand or so) over the space of about 3 weeks. Vic installed a seismograph there in Feb 2008, and it has worked well ever since, with Ian's caring assistance.

Ian Laurie

Jenny Bevan                                                                                          

 Jenny has been curator of the E. de C Clarke Museum of Earth Sciences at the University of WA since 1997, and was keen to sponsor the first station in the current Regional Seismic Network. She finds the seismograph is one of the big attractions of her museum, and is keen to promote Seismology to the many school groups she has visiting her museum.  


Jenny Bevan

John Harris

John started sending GIF data around 27th of May 2010 from two instruments, a Lehman long period horizontl and an AS1 vertical located on a slab under his house.

The location under the house proved to be an environmentally noisy location, however a significant event near Cleve was successfully recorded on Saturday 5th June 2010.

Early July 2010  the station was moved to a shed adjacent to the home and a L15B geophone and another ADC/amplifier 4 channel board was added.

The station was registered as MPTV with the International Seismological Centre on 20th July 2010                                                                                      

John Harris

Blair Lade

Blair operates the Modbury Heights station THS

Blair and John



This page is far from complete, view the Network Info page for details of the RSU stations, some of which have photos of members and locations. If you are a member and would like to add your details to this page please contact me at my email address  above, Dale

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