A computers time accuracy is far from accurate. Windows XP and Windows 7 can automatically synchronise weekly (sometimes) but by then the computers clock may be many minutes out, not good when recording earthquakes whose seismic waves travel up tp 10 km/sec. It is best to use a GPS to maintain proper time. The ADC hardware we use to record the data from our seismometers, supports the Garmin 16/18 GPS. The software in this hardware time stamps the data before sending to the computer to be processed by Windr, the software which plots the traces and uploads the data to the web site. It can also set the computer time.

If you do not have a Garmin 16/18 then 3rd party software can be used to maintain the time. Windr is then configured to time stamp as “Internet Time”.

  • NTP  is the next best solution to a GPS for keeping the clock in sync for all versions of Windows


  • “AnalogX Atomic TimeSync”, a free program. It can synchronise every second !! if needed but normally every 60 seconds would be ok. If you have a computer home network it can also act as a time server.

It can be downloaded from http://analogx.com/contents/download/network/ats.htm Once installed, right click the icon in the task bar to select “Display” or “Config”. In the “Config” you can set the time update interval.

  • Dimension 4 a very simple to use time sync freeware for Windows  (set to sync on system startup, and every 900 seconds (15 minutes)).

NTP setup use the guide below or for a more detailed guide use David Taylor’s guide found here

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