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A  “Quick”  Step by Step guide to setting up WinSDR

  • Settings > System



Comm Port:

This is the port the computer communicates with the ADC box. Enter the Comm port number. This can be a dedicated Comm port or a USB to Serial adaptor. To find the port open “ Device Manager”. In Windows XP the path is Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Click the + Ports (COM & LPT) to see available ports. If NO port is selected WinSDR can only be used in “Replay” mode.

System Number:

This applies if you have more than one copy of WinSDR in use, the number represents that copy.

Purge Record Files:

Set this to 365 (max) to save a year of data. You can ‘Replay” previous recorded data and extract an earthquake you have recorded. Be aware that a daily file recording 8 channels at 100 samples/second can be 40 to 60 Mb in size meaning your hard drive will fill with up to 22Gb over the year. With the size and price of drives now days that should not present a problem. USB external drives are very reasonable.

Baud Rate:

 This should be left at 38400

Check computer Time:

Set computer Time:

Tick this box if a GPS is used for time reference. A GPS is strongly advised as Windows time can drift quite a few seconds daily

A/D Board:

This is the Version of the A/D board you have. Click here to see available boards.

Sample Rate:

Set this to 100 samples per second.

Channels To Record:

This depends on how many channels are available on the Amplifier / Filter board(s). It is best to select this number now even though you may not record on unused channels straight away. If you change the number at a later date install another copy of WinSDR and use the old copy to Replay events recorded over that time.

Time reference Type:

Select “Computer Time” if you have no GPS otherwise Garmin GPS 16/18.

Other Settings:

Refer to the WinSDR “Help”


Use Windows Explorer to make directories for “Event Files” and “Record Files”. Use the [ Browse ]  button to set the paths.

My preference is for  C:\WinSDR\events\  etc.

That completes the basic settings for this window, consult the [Help] for other settings.

The next step is the Display, Location and Sensor settings. click here


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