using the Replay Function in WinSdr

► Step 1

In WinSdr select File > Replay

► Step 2

Select the parameters required, Start Time and  Channel, note X-Scale is the duration of the trace from the Start Time, it does not span the following UTC day, i.e if Start Time is 23:30 UTC and X-Scale is 90 minutes, only the period 23:30 to 00:00 UTC is replayed. Filtering may be selected but this is not saved in the Replay.

► Step 3

Double Left click on the trace to select the end time, in this example the “Save Event” box shows the selected Start Time is 17:10:00 and the End Time is 17:50:48 UTC. Note the “Open Winquake” box has been ticked. Click the “Save” button and Winquake will open with the trace displayed. Now you can apply filtering, cropping etc and save the trace.

 Step 3

 Step 1

 Step 2

File-replay1 Replay parameters
save event
Winquake opened2
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